Are You Lost?

Your life is a journey specifically designed for your soul to have experiences that will support your spiritual evolution and to process karmic debts.  Sometimes we hit stormy weather and are blown off course.  At other times the seas are smooth, the skies are clear, but you don’t know which way to sail.  Divine Directions is a light house to guide you to safe harbors.  Let me shine my light on your map to help you plot your next turn and to find supportive winds to fuel your soul’s journey in this sea of chaos.

About Elizabeth Rouse:

Student, Teacher, Leader:Always self-disciplined, hardworking and striving for truth, Elizabeth completed her formal education as a chemist. Since, she has led a successful career at a Fortune 100 company. She has a gift for training others and public speaking. Since 2000 she has been trained and has worked as an executive coach and in process management as a Six Sigma Black Belt.

Creator, Artist, Writer: All her life Elizabeth has been a practicing artist. In 2003 while working with her daughter on a painting project, creations started to be divinely downloaded and created through her. This artwork has led the way for Elizabeth to open herself to Spirit for deeper spiritual work.

Spirit, Intuitive, Healer: Through Elizabeth’s maternal linage, she has many talented psychics in her family. Talking to Spirit was part of everyday normal conversation. Although she has actively used the tarot as a critical thinking tool since 1999 and was attuned in Reiki in 2010, she has only started providing psychic readings to others since 2012.

Daughter, Wife, Mother: Elizabeth’s personal relationships have been where she finds her greatest life lessons. Patience, balance and truth drive her at the core.

Reading Approach:  I believe living your best life is possible when you have clear direction and intentions.  If improving your life is your goal, I can help you.  I will I talk directly to “God and Mother”.  I ask The Great Spirit for blessings on your behalf and rely on “Their” good judgment to give you the information you need to best support you on your path at this time.  I believe that every experience has value and whether it is the greatest of heartache or the most unbelievable love, each is of value.  How can you truly know and appreciate joy if you have never suffered?  They are the opposite sides of the same coin.  You can’t have one without the other – so treasure both.

Sample Reading: Courtesy of Kelly, Journalism Student, a recording of her first reading experience.

Services Rate Contact
  • Psychic Reading
  • Tarot Reading
  • Energy Healing
  • Intuitive Skills Training
15 minutes $45
20 minutes $60
30 minutes $90
60 minutes $150
Phone: 919-270-0461

Teaching Approach:   I am a teacher and I believe the best teachers are those that help the student find their own answers.  A great teacher is wise enough to ask the right questions at the right time to facilitate self-discovery.  I am a teacher that shares stories and experiences of my own learnings, but understands that the student must take his or her own journey and that the student’s journey might be much different from my own.  The best teachers let students make mistakes, because most of the time, the greatest lessons are those wrapped in failure.  The learned teacher does not abandon his or her student at this time, but helps them see the great lesson in failure, and then shows them how to work through the emotions of disappointment or discouragement to find confidence and wisdom.  A great teacher knows that one size does not fit all students, that progress has its own flow, dependent on many circumstances.  The best teachers help you face your fears so that you are stronger on the other side.

A teacher is like a compass, always pointing true north that a student can use as a tool to find the path they desire to take.  If you are looking for a teacher to help you explore your spiritual gifts and believe in the philosophy that I have written above, feel free to contact me.  We’ll discuss what you are looking for and I’ll see if I can help.

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