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Would you worship the mailman?

MailmanI’ve really been dragging my feet on writing this blog entry. But I must honor what comes from Spirit…and this message came in so strong.

A couple weeks ago I woke up…not quite awake but no longer asleep. I “saw” myself wearing shinny silver armor… I had a long spear or staff in my hand. I was looking down at it and I was in a position of thrusting it. My hands down by my torso and in an upward motion extending up, across and out away from my body. As I turned my head up to look at what I was stabbing, I saw a man dressed in all white and I recognized him as the Pope. Not Pope Francis the man… just a figure representing a Catholic Pope. After I saw myself stab the “Pope Figure” (there was no blood or noise from this violent action), my eye flew open and I heard the message “kill religion”. All I could feel was strength and determination. Like hitting a tennis or golf ball. Focused, determined, righteous. I knew immediately that it was my mission, to kill religion. Not just one religion but all of them!

I have shared this vision with a couple people, close friends, people I trust. I shared this vision with them as a warning. That this is my mission and I’ll understand it you want to break ties with me. As this could become ugly because the “Sheeple” (People who act like sheep – following mindlessly) really like the safety of tradition and structure that religion provides. Religion gives us permission to not take responsibility for our actions. It allows us to stay small and in a victimhood mentality. It tries to bring order and make sense of the endless chaos we know as life. Religion allows those in positions of authority to remain so. My loved ones surprised me, when I delivered this message, they were so supportive and willing and ready to stand with me for this greater good. They too recognized the truth in my vision.

Jesus said (in so many words) FUCK YOU to the religious authority of his time. He called all of us to arms! Asked us to find God within ourselves. OBVOIUSLY his message was skewed to once again turn us all into Sheeple…making Jesus “A God”. But he was not. He was an empty vessel, a messenger, a mega phone, the mailman. Do you fall in love and worship the mailman when he delivers a letter that you really enjoyed reading?! Jesus was a mirror…do you worship the mirror that reflects an image that you love looking at?

Jesus primed the pump. He started something that now it coming to a head. To find peace and heal the world, it’s time to kill religion.

Jesus and every other spiritual teacher have asked us to love one another.
But what does that mean? How do you do that? What actions do we need to take?
I have found that the main ingredients for love are as follows: Load up on listening, a supply of support and an ounce of encouragement and finally knead in some kindness but this must be baked with a total lack of JUDGEMENT. If any judgment gets into this mix, you might as well through out the whole batch!
What religion can you name that is totally Judgment FREE?

True love is allowing someone total freedom to completely express who they really are. Not only allow them that freedom but also to celebrate with them as they continue their own self-discovery.

We are all Divine, here on a mission to let our individual light shine.
What right do you have to tell another God what they can or cannot be or do? How they can or cannot live. Focus on finding your own authentic self.
You can’t do that if you are spending all your time and energy on trying to show others their “faults”.

Do the work to truly recognize your own Divinity. Fall in love with yourself.
To take that journey, you must embrace not only the light but also the darkness. When you can look in the mirror at all of your “flaws” and say they are beautiful too! Then you can begin to learn how to love another.
When JC said, “Love your Neighbor as you love yourself. “ He started first with the assumption that we…well…love ourselves. But I know a lot of self haters out there…come on people.
Learn to love yourself and then let’s fall in love with each other! It is a hard yet simple thing and religion with all its rules and judgements sure isn’t going to teach you how to do it.

Religion says you are a sinner and that you must cast out the darkness in your heart…no wonder we continue to struggle and fail. Only when you embrace the darkness can you finally bring love and light to it. Only then will the darkness fade. No amount of darkness can overcome the light. The smallest spark or the tiniest flame will always overcome darkness. So bring up your darkness, look it in the eyes and say. “I love that you are part of me and even though I might not understand you, I accept you fully as part of me”. I have no fear and no shame. I am perfect in all my imperfections for they are Divine.

Let’s finally shelve those ancient religious texts that are no longer serving us and listen to the Universal Spirit whispering in your heart saying, ”I am Divine and so are you!“

E. A.Rouse

Spigot of Love

I watch a lot of Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend. She has weekly guests on that talk about the latest thoughts on spiritual awareness. She always asks her guest questions at the end of the show such as “What is your definition of God?”, “What is the Soul?”, “What is the difference between Spirituality and Religion?” and “What does the world need more of?’ These are great questions to ponder and these are some of my thoughts based on what sssspirit has communicated to me.

First of all, what is God and what is the Soul? On the first of the new year 1/1/2015 I did a meditation. The image I saw was of a beautiful quart crystal and a white light went through it and just like a prism, the light broke off into a rainbow. The message was that God is the white light and the souls are the individual colors of the rainbow. Since the first of the year, I have continued to dwell on this image and think deeper into it’s meaning. Here are some of my thoughts.As the energy of God passes through the different dimensions, the energy bends in different ways. The crystal represents the God energy going to the 3rd dimension and when it expresses itself, it breaks into separate pieces. But if you take away the source, there is nothing. Without the white light there is no individual colors, therefore without God there are no souls. Yet on the flip side, you cannot EVER be separate from God. Impossible because you are God expressed as You and I am God expressed at Elizabeth. So God is white light made up of all the colors and the Soul is your individual color (or piece) of God. When we die that individual wavelength of color goes back through the prism and combines back with the white light.

Thinking of God as light makes me think back to my lessons from Quantum Physics and the definition and characteristics of a Photon of light. A photon can be felt, go sit in the sun. You can feel it but you can’t see it and it has no measurement of mass. A photon is a “wave-icle” having both the properties of a wave but sometimes it has properties of a particle. Sounds a lot like God to me. You can feel the energy, God is hard to see and clearly God has physical properties too! Were the Ancient Egyptians right to honor the Sun (Ra) as God?

The next question, what is the difference between Spiritually and Religion? I am by far a scholar on the topic…but what I do know about religion and what I have personally experienced when attending different religious establishments (which have been limited) has been messages of “you are separate from God and you can connect to HIM in these ways and only these ways”…What I believe a spirituality is, is knowing that I am God and that I am divine and I am here to express fully that unique piece of divinity fully! A spiritual practice is open to all ways in connecting directly with God. For me it is through art, writing, dancing, sitting in the rain, gardening. I can see God’s hand in other people’s creations whether it is music, sculptures, movies, architecture, even in a well-cooked meal. Whenever we are creating, we are doing God’s work. We are created in God’s image – meaning we ourselves are great creators!

Finally, what does the world need more of? Many of Oprah’s guests say “Love.” Which I agree with but that answer is so broad and distance from where we are…I say we need to start with greater tolerance. Allowing. Or to say the other way around, what does the world need less of? Judgment. If we could all embrace more tolerance, greater love in the world would be an outcome. If we can agree that we are all unique pieces of God here to fully express our uniqueness we have to allow and celebrate that unique expression of God! If something someone else does makes you uncomfortable or brings up fear in you…that is something for you to work on. It’s not for you to pass judgment. Focus on yourself and find understanding in yourself of what about the other person is doing that disrupts your peace. Thank them for that lesson and know that you can choose differently. There is enough space and abundance on the Earth to accommodate us all. spigotJudgment shuts off the spigot of God, of love.

Show me your Soul and I’ll show you mine

Fairie-alityAfter my daughter Maya was born I was doing yoga regularly. After several months of rigorous practice, I was at the end of an exhausting session and resting in corpse pose. I had this vision pop into my head of this woman. She walked out on a stage and she was dress in what looked like a Las Vegas showgirl get up. Feathers and sparkles and huge butterfly like wings on her back. The amazing thing about this woman was her attitude. She walked out with tremendous grace and confidence. She had her head up and back towards the sky with her hands in the air. I could feel how she was feeling. Free, confident, proud, amazing….I thought to myself. WOW! If only I could feel like that. Right after that thought, another thought came that said, “She is you.” At that moment the yoga instructor had us rousing from our pose to end the practice. It was such a powerful experience but easily lost on the drive home and back to a hectic life with a baby at home.
A couple years later I was looking for something to do with Maya to keep her entertained during a cold dark evening. A friend had left some paint and I thought painting might keep her entertained for at least a couple minutes. I set up the paints for her and myself and I “pretended” to paint as I watch her create her masterpiece. When I looked down at my mindless creation, I saw something that looked like a fairy or angel (a blob with wings). I thought, “Oh how cute. I’ll try to create another”. I painted several that night and with the Body, Mind, Spirit Expo coming up I thought I would be fun to try and sell them at the Expo. To my surprise people LOVED them! They said they could feel the energy in the paintings. I had sold everyone of the paintings. Then fairy creation became an obsession. I painted hundreds of fairies.

Another year or so went by and we had a play-date set up for Maya. A lovely woman came over with her children and brought a book with them. The book was called Fairie-ality. The book was filled with little fairy outfits made of dried flowers. The book mesmerized me and I knew I could create my own outfits. So I did. Again it became an obsession. Growing flowers, collecting, drying and creating my own little fairy dresses.

Fairie-ality front

Several years later after selling many fairy paintings and dresses, I asked a psychic friend what’s with the fairies? She said, “You keep painting yourself over and over again”. That vision I had in yoga so many years ago came rushing back to me. As I looked at the paintings again with new perspective and insight, there she was that same women with wings on her back and her hands in the air with a feeling of power and confidence.

Obviously this powerful, amazing soul wants to come out to play. Am I ready to unleash her? Are you ready?


I’m a pretty happy person. Am I just lucky? Was I born that way? Am I happy because of the way I was raised?
Are you Happy? How do you know you’re happy? What the heck is happiness anyway?
Research findings say that 50% of our happiness is set by our genes, 10% by life circumstances beyond our control, and 40% by our own actions. That’s right, only 40% of your happiness is within your control.

Today I’m going to share with you some of my thoughts on happiness and a process I’ve developed so to help others find their happiness.

The topic of happiness is on the rise! There are countless of books, blogs, songs even monthly magazines 100% dedicated to the topic of happiness. There is now even an International Day of Happiness (March). I am happy to see happiness is becoming such a popular topic. There are several reasons you should be interested in your own happiness. It’s good for your health, life expectancy and studies even show that happy people on average make more money. But keep in mind, money can’t buy happiness.

I can’t help with your genetics, but maybe I can help you think about your circumstances and your actions to inspire you to reach a new level of happiness.

Buddha says happiness is a state of mind. Through mediation and learning how to understand and control your thoughts you can find the real mean of life and ultimate happiness.
1. Try and hold 2 opposing thoughts in your mind at the same time. It just can’t be done. The mind can only hold one thought at a time. Through mindful mediation you can start to have more control over your thoughts and therefore not become a victim of your thoughts. So the next time a thought is causing you grief, focus on something that makes you happy. What a happy movie, go do something that makes you happy or go to your happy place!
2. I’ve started to write a book on happiness and want to share a brief excerpt with you. Using a method called reversible verse, it shows you how to think differently from a place of victim thinking to empowered thinking by just reading a paragraph from top to bottom and the from the bottom to the top. It reverses the meaning by 180 degrees.

Removing Un from Happiness

Unhappiness is a part of life that can’t be avoided.
It’s a lie that
being happy is a choice and your human experience is really up to you.
Unhappiness is a natural state of being.
You’re fooling yourself to think that
you can consciously choose to be happy.

(Now, reading from the bottom up)
You can consciously choose to be happy.
You’re fooling yourself to think that
unhappiness is a natural state of being.
Being happy is a choice and your human experience is really up to you.
It’s a lie that
unhappiness is a part of life that can’t be avoided.

3.Finally, I believe that happiness can be learned and I’ve developed a process to teach the steps of happiness to others.
It is called: SMILE
S = Self Focus
To be happy you have to know what makes YOU happy. If you don’t know what makes you happy, how do you expect anyone else to know? Spend some time thinking about and learning about what makes you happy. Try some things, go to some new places! In these new experiences ask yourself – what does this mean to me?

M = Map it
This leads to the next step. Map it out. Sometimes it is easier to list out what doesn’t make you happy and work towards the things that make you happy.

I = Initiate
Next, share you list with loved ones, friends, coworkers and heck even strangers. People like to help people. The more you can tell others what makes you happy, the more people will want to help find that state!

L = Leap
Ok, so you shared that jumping out of an airplane would make you happy! And your friend surprises you on your birthday with a gift of sky diving…you better take that leap! This is just an example, but the message is when the universe starts to deliver on your happy list what you wrote down and shared with others – if you take no action on those happy opportunities they might dry up.

E = Evaluate
So did skydiving make you happy? Maybe not, that’s ok. The journey of happiness is a process. It changes with time. Playing with dolls used to make me so happy, not so much anymore. Continue to learn what has meaning to you and where your happiness now lies. Remember the meaning to life is a meaningful life. So to truly be happy, find those things that mean something to you. Part of evaluate is also to give thanks. Gratitude is a powerful force and continues the process moving forward.

Happiness has an impact on your life in many ways. It can impact your health, how much money you make, your life expectancy, your impact on your loved ones. Change your world and even THE world by changing your thoughts and having a plan to achieve happiness.

I am a Jedi

hooded-beautyMy name is Elizabeth Rouse and I am a Jedi. A Jedi is specially trained warrior that uses the “force”.
Jedis have skills such as: Seeing into the future, talking to dead people and moving things with their minds.
The “Force” is described in many religions Buddhism calls the force “Prana” or the breath of life and is used in Yoga. In China it is known as Qi which acupunctures use to heal and in Christian religions the force is known as the Holy Ghost.
Jedis are also commonly called yogis, prophets and psychics.

I know what you’re thinking…because I’m a Jedi…how did you become a Jedi?
Well just like Luke Skywalker, I inherited some of these talents from my mother thru her maternal line. But I also believe that anyone can become a Jedi. It is like having a nose. We all have one, but some people have a much better sense of smell than others. I like to think that we all have an invisible antenna that can tune into the force. You just need to work on tuning in.

My first experiences with the power of the Force started to happen when I was about 10 years old. My Dad was career air force and we were living in England. I started to know things like that the phone was about to ring. And it would. Or that people were going to come for dinner and unexpectedly people would show up.

But I chalked it up as coincidence…until I was in 6th grade and had a friend named Amy. She lived off base in an old English house. One morning on the bus to school she seemed really upset. When I asked her what was wrong she said the night before she had seen a ghost. I really didn’t believe in ghosts so I thought nothing more about it.

My last class of that day I was just mindlessly doodling on a piece of paper. It was just a bunch of random lines, and I don’t even know why but I showed it to Amy on the bus ride home. She took the paper and pointed to the paper saying that I drew the ghost that she had seen the night before. And sure enough in the scribbles there was the face of an old woman. Ok weird I thought and shared the story with my Mom.

Now my whole life my Mom had shared stories with me about her gifts, spirit guides and doing spiritual work to help and heal people. So she wasn’t surprised by this experience of mine but she did warn me not share this story. Not to share what I know. Not to talk about it as others would judge me and call me names. I could feel the fear around her warning so, I just wished it away…And for years it laid dormant….until I needed it most!

I was 22 years old when I got married and about 2 weeks after getting married, the verbal abuse started. Five difficult years later when I was 27 I was standing at the kitchen sink and saw myself 30 years in the future. I was 57, I was tired, bitter and felt like my life had been wasted by trying to make this other person happy. It was not a path I wanted to take but I was afraid to leave. I didn’t know what to do. So I started reading inspirational books and bought a Tarot deck.

A tarot deck has 78 cards and just like a poker deck there are 4 suits in the deck. Unlike a poker deck it also has 22 cards call the Major Arcana – these are special cards with significant spiritual importance. To learn the cards each night I would spread the cards all over my bed and pull one card and read the meaning of that card.

One night I was doing this and asked about leaving my marriage and pulled a card. The card was a major arcana card and it was the Strength card. The next night I pulled a card. It was the Strength card. Every night for a week I pulled the Strength card. What are the chances?

So in a fit of frustration I asked out loud “WHAT I AM SUPPOSE TO DO?!” And a booming voice that at the same time was just a whisper answered. It said “Follow you heart”. I sat back and thought about it, and I realized I don’t know what my heart wanted and it has become my mission to figure it out and in doing so I am finding more and more happiness every day.

That was now almost 12 years ago. In that 12 years I have continued to develop my skills in using the force to help others learn what their heart’s desires are and to give them the inspiration to pick the path to their best life.

My name is Elizabeth Rouse, I am a Jedi. My mission is to show people how to listen to their heart’s desire and inspire them to take that journey.